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works on partition

The 1947 partition of the Indian Subcontinent resulted in the partition of people’s everyday lives and identities.  And in pursuit of creating a national identity, the personal stories became a hindrance.  I challenge this historical narrative by, juxtoposing family history and historical accounts. I have layered the languages of typography, image, embroidery on Khaddar cloth, the hand-woven cotton cloth that Gandhi propagated as a symbol of national pride. Text also plays a key element in these works, I am working with a hybridity of fonts, and the words are “found words” from conversations that I have had with family, friends, and literary works such as “The Other Side of Silence.”  The history of the disappeared women and stories of women’s struggle, are of particular interest to me as my own maternal grandmother was a missing woman. Even today as India and Pakistan celebrate on separate days Independence, stories of partition circulate in silence.

list of abducted women
list of abducted women detail
list of abducted women detail
banners of partition, mapping punjab
mapping punjab detail
mapping punjab detail
banners of partition 1
banner of partition II
the film she could not stop
the film she could not stop detail
the film she could not stop detail

drone wars

displaced suspects installation
displaced suspects
displaced suspects detail
identified suspects detail
identified suspects
identified suspects installation
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